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Which Umbrella Academy Character Are You?

Which Umbrella Academy Character Are You?

Pick your poison

Your usual bedtime is

Which flower are you most likely to give your love?

You would rather be considered

Your hobby is

Which Umbrella Academy Character are You? [COMPLETE]
You are Luthor!

Loyal to a fault, don't forget to recognize your own good points!
You are Five!

An old soul, you like things the way you like them. Try to open up to new experiences!
You are Diego!

A little edgy, you prefer to go it alone. Don't miss out on connections with others!
You are Klaus!

You are a fabulous mess, darling. Listen to your Ben and slow it down sometimes.
You are Vanya!

No matter what you think, you are far from ordinary! Don't bottle things up or you'll get downright dangerous.
You are Allison!

Fun and mischevieous, you’re a joy to be around- but be careful not to let your words get away from you!

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