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Why Be Alone This Valentine’s? Get Some Virtual Lovin’ With These 6 Otome Dating Games You Have To Play

Why Be Alone This Valentine’s? Get Some Virtual Lovin’ With These 6 Otome Dating Games You Have To Play

Being alone on Valentines Day isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but sometimes it can really suck.

It’s not the lack of a bae that can really grind our gears, but the responses from everyone around. But whoever said you have to spend Valentine’s Day alone? There are plenty of games filled with 2D boos who you don’t have to buy a present for.

That why you should cozy up ( after taking advantage of some of the deals that are available) and take a crack at one of the many Otome games available. If you don’t know where to start here is your own list of some of the best out there.

1.Monster Prom

The first time I saw this game was in a trailer on Twitter about a cool new game that would soon be hitting the Steam library. After a quick look at the trailer, I had to get my hands on it. If you can give me a way to not only be a monster in a supernatural high school, but also find a pretty spooky prom date? Sign me up!

When you add a multiplayer option to the mix, there is just no reason not to download. This is a turn base Otome game that you can play by yourself or with friends. Invite some of your single friends over and have a party! You can use the same computer, or separate ones if that’s your preference.

This game features an amazing cast of guys and gals with storylines that make you wish there was an anime adaptation immediately. With a brand new season being released on Valentine’s Day, there is no way to go wrong with this choice for both Valentine’s Day, and non-Valentine’s Day plans. It is Available now on Steam.

2.Collar X Malice

If  you’re into true crime, then this will be the game for you. It has all the tropes of your usual Otome game, but with a super engaging plot line. While finishing the routes are fun in themselves and come with a variety of bonuses, each route explains a little bit of the mystery in the overall game.

In the game, you play a rookie police officer who ends up getting in over her head and involved in a real-life conspiracy. In order to solve it, you require the help of five unlucky attractive strangers.

The game comes with some of your standard love interests: you have a lovable dummy, a smart tsundere, an attentive boyfriend, and so much more. This game gives you that classic Otome, but with a multi-layered twist. Unfortunately, it is only available for the PS Vita moment, which you can buy online or at your local game store.

3.Harvest Moon Franchise

This one is a classic! There was no way I could not include this on this list. The Harvest Moon Franchise has existed since the 90’s, and has many successful versions under its belt. A mix between your classic Otome game and a farming simulator, Harvest Moon has made waves since its release. Harvest Moon has titles on all Nintendo platforms and PlayStation, with even some version on an in-app format. All that’s needed is to find your preferred console and version to choose for a cozy night in. Avoid the crowds and bond with your cows—and maybe your future husband!

4.Dream Daddy

What can I say about Dream Daddy that hasn’t already been said? Dream Daddy hit our Youtube inboxes and social media timelines with a quickness. With all the memes and drool hitting the keyboards and phone screens of  our friends/followers, some may have said that it was over hyped. I am here to tell you it isn’t.

This game serves you interesting layered characters. Everyone in this game is simply trying to be a great parent, including your character. Did I mention you also get to design your Dad? The game even comes with a pretty great soundtrack! What more is there to ask for? The story may not be as dark or complex as some on this list, but it still makes for a fun play-through. You can find this game on Steam.

5. 7’scarlet

This is another game that at first glance looks like your typical Otome game, but then, it gives you a pretty cool supernatural twist! Similar to Collar x Malice, each route play-through gives you new answers to the overarching storyline of the game.

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You play an average college student who finds herself placed in above average circumstances. After your brother went missing in a small town shrouded in mystery, you head down theere with a friend to find answers. With a new set of typical love interests, such as a sporty guy friend, and a shy cat-loving boy, you have many new potentials for fun. This game is also only available for PS Vita. 

6.Arcade Spirits

Okay, let’s chat about Arcade Spirits. This game is the new kid on the block—and I mean brand new. I’m talking about it came in just this month ( Feb 12th to be precise) new. I bought it and have been playing non-stop between work and school work. This game is pretty brilliant as it plays off old arcade nostalgia, and modern gaming in the best of ways.

The game starts off with full customization of your character. You get to pick the way they look and the pronouns they go by. You are also given the opportunity to bond with the entire cast of characters in whatever way you wish: just want to make friends with all your co-workers? Or do you want to date one of them? Or maybe you just want to collect your paycheck and go? You can do all of these things in this game!

A job simulator and Otome game mixed into one, Arcade Spirits—like your Valentine’s Day—can be what you make of it. You can find this game on  Steam for 10% off until Feb 19th.


Did we miss your favorite Otome game? Share it with us in the comments below!

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