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Why Ororo Munroe Deserves More Than She Is Getting From The Cinematic Universe

Why Ororo Munroe Deserves More Than She Is Getting From The Cinematic Universe

Ororo Munroe is a pinnacle of the Marvel Universe yet she is constantly done dirty by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Read comics? You know about Storm. Don’t read comics? You still, more than likely, know about Storm. Nerd or

not, you probably understand that Ororo Munroe is a powerful character and member of the X-Men. She has been around since the 70’s so in no way is she new. So, the author asks with fists clenched in anger, why do they continue to do her dirty?

With such a rich history and a clear, distinctive look, it is hard to put into words how upsetting it is to watch this character stray further and futher away from who she is. It is hard to watch the MCU continue to glance over her in favor of other X-Men who continue to have stories centered around them.

Do not get it twisted, Jean Gray is one bad ass chick, but do we really need another movie showing her off. We already got that. We got several Wolverine centered flicks, all wonderful. I think it’s time that the MCU pay Storm her just desserts.

Here are just a just three huge reasons why we deserve a film focused on the Queen herself, Ororo Munroe.

1. She was literally the Queen of Wakanda!

Ororo Munroe was queen of Wakanda for six years. Yes, six years comic run time which equates to approximately three to six months marvel universe time. This union was was a direct target to get more female African-American readers (confirmed by Collaborating Writer Eric Jerome Dickey). The idea was not far-fetched ate all. to have to powerful African born mutants come together. It is even more plausible when you factor in that they have in fact

met several times prior to their engagement. In one story line Storm saves T’Challa from a racist piece of garbage, in another he saves her. There is a story line where T’Challa takes her virginity a few days after meeting her. Most of these were retconned in preparation of their engagement but they still matter.

Their marriage was actually a happy one, which is why it was sad to see them end up on opposite sides during the Avengers v. X-Men event. This leads to the annulment of their marriage. Politics mixed with personal beliefs meant that they would still love each other but, honestly, could never really be with each other. Storm has made it clear over the years that she is an X-Men. T’Challa has made it clear that he would burn the world if it meant protecting Wakanda, X-Men be damned.


2. There is no shortage of material to pull from.

Since her inception, Ororo Munroe has been serving looks, drama, and plot. A  very short list of Storm’s accomplishments are as follows:

  • Been abducted by Loki and told him to kick rocks.
  • Has had many lovers (typical Scorpio)
  • She has been stuck in alternate realities and dominated those realities.
  • Ororo, after regaining her powers, fought and won against Cyclops for leadership of the team.
  • Again, was the Queen of Wakanda.
  • Impressed Dracula.
  • Fought Callisto, leader of the Morlocks, and won without using her powers.

Need I go on? Probably! The cinematic universe continues to overlook the fact that Storm is and always has been influential! They could easily make any of her story lines into a movie or series of movies yet, here we are.

As for her looks, she’s had many. Punk Storm is iconic, we all know this. But are you aware of just how many times she’s changed up her look?

All these looks and people still don’t see! Absolutely unacceptable.

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3.  She should be an Omega level mutant.

Storm is on record as being more powerful than she knows. So, why hasn’t she been given her omega status? It’s weird when you consider that she has repeatedly and continuously exceeded all expectations. She was, for a time, The Goddess of the Storm for Asgard’s sake!

This low-key has to be the most appalling thing to happen to Storm. They gave Haley Barry that awful wig, they are now giving Alexandra Shipp an awful wig and they have failed to show the Queen (formerly of Wakanda but always in our hearts) proper respect. They will not give her the ranking she so gracefully deserves.

A list of reasons she should be an Omega level mutant:

  • Only woman to serve on the X-men, The Avengers and The Fantastic force.
  • Can carry a plane.
  • Faced off and became a host to Eternity, a force of the universe. Miss me with that Phoenix force nonsense.
  • Literally out here being worshiped in Africa. She did not give herself the title of goddess, the people gave it to her.
  • Uses pressure and heat to keep her hair laid. I’m not making that up, it was in her comic run. It is canon that she uses her powers to manipulate the air around her to keep her hair silky smooth.
  • Her powers have made her so in tuned with the planet that she is far more powerful than anyone knows. But, it’s not just Earth’s many elements she can control! She has controlled solar winds before too!

This list could go on but, the point has been made.

We all deserve better.

These are just three of the main reasons Ororo Munroe deserves our respect. It is so disheartening to see such a powerful character constantly go to waste. But, what do you think? Will Storm ever get the cinematic treatment she deserves or are we stuck looking at watered down versions of her personality, strength and story?

*It is understood that Storm is not yet part of the MCU but she deserves to be there.

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