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This Wiccan Tells You What It Truly Means To Be A Witch

This Wiccan Tells You What It Truly Means To Be A Witch

Meet YouTube’s Charly CheerShe’s many things she “shouldn’t” be.

I know many people think labels can be limiting, but in this case…

Knowing there’s a Black woman out there who embraces so many things about herself that are otherwise considered taboo is downright inspiring.

In this case (especially as a Black woman growing up in a conservative household of Christians), Charly has embraced herself as:

  • Wiccan
  • Pagan
  • A Witch
  • Bisexual
  • Polyamourous (you can watch her Coming Out video here)

California native Charly has spent the last 5 years documenting her travels across the globe.

And as we’ve watched her external journeys, we’ve also gotten to see her flourish internally throughout the years as well.

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re sticking to the topics of Paganism, Witchcraft, and Wicca for Charly despite her being so multifaceted.

Charly Cheer in Vietnam

And speaking of multifaceted… Charly has talked on those exact topics on more than one channel! Years and years ago (her last video was posted 4 years ago), she had a channel called skinnywitch Charly.

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Then she added on as a contributor for the paganperspective channel.

And on her main channel, she rarely talks about her beliefs because she has tons more going on in her life to document! But she did do a Witchtember in 2016 because she doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

She’s also done an interview or two on other channels… but don’t worry fam, I got you.

Have you ever been curious about Paganism, Witchcraft, or people who are Wiccan? Ever watched Charly’s videos? Chat about it in the comments below!

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