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What Twitter Had To Say About #WICOMICON, The Con That Stepped In When FanCon Failed

What Twitter Had To Say About #WICOMICON, The Con That Stepped In When FanCon Failed

The Black nerd and geek community has gone through a week of confusion and outrage with the announcement of Universal FanCon being cancelled with no refunds a week before the event.

Several excited con-goers were now left stranded with non-refundable tickets to Baltimore as well as money invested in the now non-existent con.

In response, the founders of Black Heroes Matter with the help of The Nerds of Color, The Blerd Girl and several others stepped in to create a pop-up con called WICOMICON named after the street that the new venue was held (the old Under Armour Factory).

The convention was held on April 28th from 10am-7pm and was $10 for the general public and $5 for anyone who bought FanCon tickets.

With about a week to plan, many people wondered how the event would come together, as this is an event that everyone was rooting for.

Our features contributor, Neka Wright had the pleasure of attending this event but even without her reporting, the event was very well broadcasted over on Twitter. Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have about the success of WICOMICON:

Did people actually show up to WICOMICON?

Apparently there was a line wrapped around the door 30 minutes before the convention opened its doors.

Wondering if people actually came in cosplay? Why yes, yes they did.

Even the babies dressed up!

There was also a lot to do and some of our favorite influencers walking around. Vendors were also fully supported at this event.

Check out these snapshots of some of the panels including a panel that included April Reign of the #OscarsSoWhite movement.

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The most powerful thing about WICOMICON is that they swooped in like heroes to solve a tragic situation and pulled it off successfully…with only 7 days of planning.

The only question we have is… where can we donate for a hopeful second year?

Thank you so much to Black Heroes Matter, The Nerds of Color and everyone who was involved in putting this pop-up con together.


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