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It’s Official: Winter Arrives April 2019

It’s Official: Winter Arrives April 2019

Prepare your edges, secure your hats, grab your coats, light your fires. Winter officially arrives April 2019!

Sansa Stark Winter is Here

For a few people this may sound strange considering spring will have just begun. However, if you’re among the millions of Game of Thrones fans you realize exactly what winter means.

It means it’s time to get your affairs in order because grief is just around the corner.

Winter Arrives 2019

Grief, if for no other reason than this will be the final season. Grief, because we can expect to mourn some, if not all, of our favorite characters. It’s been well over a year since the last season, and the wait has been torturous for fans anxious to pick up where season 7 left off.

But alas, HBO and the official Game of Thrones social media accounts came through with the tea. They shared a brief bone-chilling video showcasing iconic moments from the show using the hashtag #FortheThrone. At the end of the video was the announcement we all deserved: The Final Season April 2019.

There are many theories floating around the inter-webs regarding what could happen in this upcoming season. The one thing we do know, season 8 will only have 6 episodes, which is an episode short of last season. That may seem like a letdown in numbers compared to previous seasons, but there is a bright side, many of the episodes are expected to be feature-length.

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Winter Arrives April 2019

We will dive into our expectations for the final season later, but for now let’s rejoice in the fact that we can now properly anticipate the shows arrival…and the fact that our faves are still alive.

Take a trip down memory lane with this official clip from Youtube: 


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