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Winter’s Over, But Who Says You Can’t Still Be Cozy? How to Glo-Up Your Hygge Game This Spring

Winter’s Over, But Who Says You Can’t Still Be Cozy? How to Glo-Up Your Hygge Game This Spring

Now that spring’s fully upon us, many are ditching the cozy blankets and lazy nights in for soaking up sun, having some fun outdoors, and generally being more active than during the winter months, when most of us decided to “selectively hibernate” to get some well-needed recharging and self-care in.

A specific type of self-care, called Hygge, has been making major waves in the wellness community since it grew into mainstream popularity over the past few years. Pronounced “hoo-gah”, Hygge is essentially the Danish practice of getting cozy and promoting healthy self-care and a state of well being for maximum health and comfort.

But what happens when it’s too hot for Hygge? When you don’t want to stay indoors, but you still crave some rest and relaxation?

Worry not, because these ten things outlined below are sure to get you some perfect Hygge in your life, even as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer!

1. Declutter

It’s not spring without a little spring cleaning! Make sure to revisit some of the things in your house that may have been neglected, or unused for the past few months. Decide what you want to keep and what must stay, and open up your living space to be more breathable and relaxing. Minimalism hasn’t been getting so popular without reason, so make sure to take this very crucial step if you want some quality springtime Hygge

2. Bring Nature To Your House

Who says you have to be outside to be in nature? Fun plants like flowers, succulents, or Ficas can brighten up the room while bringing some wonderful green-space into the comfort of your home. Plants can brighten up your mood, freshen the air, and overall look pretty darn nice! Plus, it can give you the satisfaction of having something to look after, which fosters mindfulness and allows you to freshen your space and brighten up your day!

3. Brighten Things Up

One side effect of winter that many suffer from is Seasonal Affective Disorder, which happens as the days grow shorter and the weather grows cooler. Without the ability to get outside and soak some Vitamin D, many people feel sluggish and unmotivated during winter months, while others become depressed or moody. Now that it’s springtime, switch out the dark colors on your bed and in your living room for some bright, lighter fabrics, and make sure to open your blinds/curtains to allow  as much natural light as possible into your house. It’s the best of both worlds: bright and roomy, but still cozy!

4. Get Some Fresh Air

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After you’ve opened up your house and let some light in, take things one step forward and actually go outside! Many don’t realize just how much time they spend indoors during the winter months and what affect it can have on their moods or physical health. Combat some of the sluggishness you may have adopted during your “hibernation period” and get some fresh air. Explore and go to different places, even if you don’t have a particular aim in mind. As long as you’re breathing some different air, your body will most certainly feel the benefits!

5.Cook Some Cozy Springtime Cuisine!

Winter time was perfect for hearty stews, yummy teas/hot cocoa, and baked sweets. Now that it’s hotter, there’s less of an inclination towards the heavier cuisines you scarfed down during winter—but that doesn’t mean you have to switch out your cuisine all together! Replace hearty stews with light soups, hot teas with iced teas, and heavy winter-friendly sweets with fun springtime ones! Still delicious, but with a refreshing change of pace!

6.Take A “Forest Bath”

No, not literally taking a bath naked in the forest. Forest Bathing, or “Shinrin-Yoku” is the Japanese practice of visiting nature or “natural areas” in a mindful sense, with the purpose of walking around in a relaxed pace to promote rejuvinating benefits and calmness in the body. If you can’t make it to a park or hiking trail, take some time to walk around your neighborhood where there’s lots of trees, or spending time in your backyard amongst nature. As long as you remember to be mindful and slow down in this practice, you’ll no doubt feel refreshed and totally in Hygge mode!

7.Bring On The Color

The brighter the better! Winter always brings dark colors to your wardrobe, as they’re better and keeping heat in. But now that things are warming up a bit and the sun is out, do a little wardrobe switch and bring out all the bright, airy, and festive colors that you’ve been hoarding all winter. Spice things up a bit and mix match patterns, textures, and coords, and you’ll feel both fun and playful, and lighter in spirit!

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8.Have A Picnic

Part of what made winter so fun was the excuse to stay in, and make cozy blanket/pillow forts for movie nights or game nights. You can still do the same in the spring…just take it outside! Pack your favorite foods and call your closest friends, and have a nice day out in the park for some quality time and fresh air! It’s the perfect combination of refreshing and relaxing!

9.Light Candles With Springtime Scents

Candles most definitely were a part of the winter routine, with their yummy and oh-so-cozy scents. But even though it’s spring, there’s no need to shove all the candles back in the drawer for next season. Shop for some fun light scents to aid in some aromatherapy, such as lavender, citrus scents, or even fresh linen. Anything that freshens up the room, but also gives a boost of energy and springtime vibes!

10. Meditate

And finally, one of the best wellness practices around: meditation! Meditation is a mindfulness practice that utilizes breathwork and stillness to encourage rejuvenation, reflection, and calmness in the body. Create a space in your living room where you can sit down for a few minutes a day and ground yourself, or, if you’re short on space, sit/lie down on your bed for maximum comfort as you center your breath and come back into yourself and your thoughts. When done daily over an extensive period of time, meditation has been proven to have benefits that are both drastic and long-lasting.

And that’s it! What’s your favorite springtime wellness routine? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram!


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