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#WitchingHour: How This Full Moon In Aries Will Inspire You To Be Be Bold And Fearless

#WitchingHour: How This Full Moon In Aries Will Inspire You To Be Be Bold And Fearless

On this week’s Witching Hour, we’re charging head first into the energy of the full moon in Pisces this coming Sunday!

Earlier last week, Pluto’s retrograde came to an end. While this retrograde isn’t as showcased as Mercury retrograde, it still held a lot of meaning. Pluto going direct means we are now recognizing what we can and cannot control. We’re now able to progress past what has been hindering us. While this growth, rebirth, and renewal is in the air, so is the full moon in Aries. This moon is all about believing in yourself and taking a leap of faith. If you’ve been wanting to step out of your comfort zone, now is the time! This fiery Aries energy will help you feel more bold and step away from things that held you back.

During this full moon, we will be reborn from the darkness.

If you’ve been struggling with creativity, use this time to be more constructive. Don’t hold back on those activities you’ve been wanting to engage. This Aries energy will also remind you to stand on you own two feet and be more independent. This may be an emotionally high week for you, but that’s okay! As Aries is the Roman god of war, we will remember how to be fearless and pave a way for ourselves towards what we desire. Here are some moon rituals that can help you along the way.


Reflect of the time that has passed since the new moon. That was the start of something new, and this is a release. Some questions could include the following:

  1. What are you grateful for?
  2. How have you grown?
  3. What drives you?
  4. What are you capable of?
  5. What can you forgive? 

Crystal Healing

For some crystal healing this week, garnet is the way to go! While she is our favorite fusion and crystal gem, garnet focuses on the earth element. It helps connect with your primal roots while boosting for endurance, energy, and vitality. As Aries pushes us with our drives, use garnet for perseverance. 

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If you can, find a mandala in the shape of Aries or ram to color. While coloring, invoke your desires and think about your intentions and intuition. Then place the mandala under the full moon to infuse it with it’s energy and your love.

Now is the time to stand grounded and fearless!

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