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#WitchingHour: Moon Rituals For The Full Moon In Pisces

#WitchingHour: Moon Rituals For The Full Moon In Pisces

On this week’s Witching Hour, we’re gearing up for the energy of the full moon in Pisces this weekend!

The moon has been going through some very different energies this week. While the first quarter moon was in fiery Sagittarius for some action planning and excitement, the transition into Capricorn was a rocky one. Though the moon in Capricorn does help in buckling down and planning out our goals, there were moments of instability and imbalance as the moon transitioned. The moon will transition into Aquarius today, giving space for focus and perseverance, before making it’s way to a full harvest moon in Pisces Friday.

Look out water signs. This moon might have us really feeling our emotions.

This is a sensitive moon, and not just because it’s in a water sign. This moon falls closest to fall, hence earning it’s name as the “harvest” moon. Since the moon is in a water sign, we may feel more of our emotions during this time. It’s important to approach these feelings with care and compassion, while also not allowing these emotions to overwhelm or numb us. A full moon in Pisces can connect us to our higher purpose and deeper in our intuition so we do not feel lost or alone. With the sun also still in Virgo, it offers solutions to bad habits we may have formed. This full moon is the time to release these habits and give way to gratitude for all we’ve been through and all we’ve accomplished. Here are some additional things to do for your full moon ritual!


You will see me start with this for almost each article, because it’s good to cleanse yourself before beginning a ritual. You can say a few affirmations/mantras like “I release all that must go. I am cleansed. I am nourished. I am restored. I love myself.” If you don’t have any type of smudge sticks, you can take advantage of the moon in a water sign and have a cleansing shower or bath. This could be a time to wash away what no longer serves you.


Reflect of the time that has passed since the new moon. That was the start of something new, and this is a release. Some questions could include the following:

  1. What are you grateful for?
  2. How have you grown?
  3. What no longer serves you?
  4. What can you let go?
  5. What can you forgive? 

See Also

Crystal Healing

For some crystal healing this week, morganite is the way to go! It looks similar to rose quartz and also has similar purposes. Morganite focuses on the heart chakra and gives way to love, forgiveness, compassion, and peace. It can help heal through past traumas, while also strengthen commitments and bonds. It’s commonly seen in engagement rings as it represents divine love. Make sure to have some love for yourself!


If you can, find a mandala in the shape of Pisces or fish to color. While coloring, invoke your desires and think about your intentions and intuition. Then place the mandala under the full moon to infuse it with it’s energy and your love.

Now is the time to call on your personal power!

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