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#WitchingHour: Moon Rituals For The New Moon In Libra

#WitchingHour: Moon Rituals For The New Moon In Libra

On this week’s Witching Hour, we’re gearing up for a sense of balance in this new moon in Libra this weekend!

This season already has quite a few things in store for us. Libra season began, bringing in the Autumn Equinox for all the fall vibes we’ve been waiting for. Having both the sun in Libra and then also the new moon in Libra come the 28th has quite a lot to offer. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, so Libra season can have us feeling more romantic and focusing on the relationships that matter to us. We’ll also be feeling more balanced and stable coming straight out of Virgo season. This leads the way to allowing flexibility in our lives where we previously may have felt very by the book and structured. Things are falling into place and giving space to exciting and social-filled days. 

This new moon is about balance, friendships, and connection.

If you’ve been wanting to start or finish a new project that’s had you feeling out of sorts, this is the time to get to it! There will be a more creative and mentally focused feeling during this new moon, especially in a cardinal sign like Libra, which can also help with focusing on your own needs and desires. This new moon starts the cycle of finding what works for you and utilizing it. It’s also good to recognize that what you see working for others may not be the same for you, and that’s okay! Pave your own way in life and create your own recipe of what happiness looks like. If you need a little push in the direction you’re headed, here are some rituals that might help!


You can do a tarot spread or you can journal, whichever fits your means! Some questions you’d like to reflect on may include the following:

  1. Insight on my ability to discern and choose
  2. Where do I lack balance?
  3. How can I restore the balance?
  4. How can I improve my relationship with myself or others?

If you’re doing a tarot spread, try to shape the cards into the form of the Libra sign. If you’re journaling, really reflect on these questions and let your spirit guide what you want for yourself.

See Also

Crystal Healing

For some crystal healing this week, shungite is the way to go! Shungite focuses on the root chakra and earth element. It’s used to feel connected with Mother Earth, and is especially helpful with grounding, protection, purifying, and wisdom. As you focus on feeling more balanced with various aspects of your life, this stone will help get you there!

Set Intentions

Focus on what you want for yourself as you step into these new beginnings. It may be good to think about the areas in your life that don’t quite feel balanced and set intentions on how to alter or change that to fit your needs. Indecisiveness might be an area that comes up, in addition to our own interpersonal relationships. It might be nice to reflect on what these relationships mean to us and what we want moving forward. Don’t think too hard when you do this; just say or write whatever flows through your mind!

Now is the time to create harmony in your life and prepare to transform!

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