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#WitchingHour: Moon Rituals For The New Moon In Virgo

#WitchingHour: Moon Rituals For The New Moon In Virgo

Virgo season is here and to start off the Witching Hour series, get ready for the new moon in Virgo just around the corner!

While fiery Leo had us feeling confident and into ourselves compared to the horrors of Cancer season, earthy Virgo grounds us. We’re going from major Hot Girl/Hot Boy energy into spreadsheets, organization, and planning. But don’t fret, this doesn’t mean the energy isn’t as high as fire energy! This simply means there’s more focus during this season, Friday’s new moon is the perfect time to dive right into the first week and prioritize.

This new moon is about order, healing, and grounding.

As the new moon brings new beginnings, it also brings the opportunity to focus on ourselves. You’ll be able to get in touch with your most passionate desires and share them with others, while also doing things you’ve never done before. It’s good to pay attention to the details here, and a time to prioritize your well-being and daily quality of life. To tap into this energy, we got two things for you! If you haven’t already, see what your Virgo New Moon anthem song is with our quiz! Since you’ll have this little playlist at the ready, you can add it to these things to do for your new moon ritual!


With the start of something new, it’s important to cleanse your space of what once was. This is the end of a cycle and the beginning of the next. While cleansing your space you can even say a few mantras/affirmations to yourself such as “I love myself and release any doubts and insecurities.” It’s good to do some deep breathing and to speak these aloud so that you harness the power and truth of your words. And remember, when cleansing your space with sage, palo santo, or any smudge sticks, keep your doors and windows open! You don’t want the negative energy of the past to keep wafting in the space.


You can do a tarot spread or you can journal, whichever fits your means! Some questions you’d like to reflect on may include the following:

  1. What needs de-cluttering in my life?
  2. How can I best let go?
  3. What am I making room for?
  4. How can I support this growth?
  5. What habits need to be released?
  6. What is growing?

If you’re doing a tarot spread, try to shape the cards into the form of the Virgo sign. If you’re journaling, really reflect on these questions and let your spirit guide what you want for yourself.

See Also

Crystal Healing

For some crystal healing this week, apatite is the way to go! While it’s elements are air and water as opposed to using a more earth focused stone, it hones in on the throat and third-eye chakra; communication and intuition. Apatite inspires creativity and self-expression, while also improving your memory and concentration. As you begin to set goals and focus on your needs, this stone will help you hone in on that and get there!

Set Intentions

There’s always an opportunity to set intentions, but doing so during the new moon makes it even more powerful. Focus on what you want for yourself as you step into these new beginnings. You may have goals you want to set for yourself, such as having more self-care opportunities or working on your behaviors. Think about what you want to bring into your life, and how you can make it a reality. You can either speak this aloud, or you can write your intentions on pieces of paper and put them somewhere for safekeeping. Don’t think too hard when you do this; just say or write whatever flows through your mind!

Now is the time to confidently show yourself to the world and step outside your confidence! 

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