How Much Do You Really Love Halloween?


Which color do you love the most?

How many times have you watched Hocus Pocus?

How do you feel about candy corn?

What do you think about Nightmare Before Christmas?

What do you do the day after Labor Day?

Which are you most likely to wear to work when they allow you to dress up for Halloween?

Which is your favorite Fall activity?

What does your house/room look like during Halloween?

What will you being doing for Halloween this year?

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How Much Do You Really Love Halloween?
Hardcore Halloweener

There is no better holiday than Halloween in your book! Every day after summer is just a countdown to the greatest holiday ever. The most stress you get during this time of year is making sure that you watch all of your favorite movie marathons and figuring out the best costume for the big day.
Lowkey Halloweener

You like to participate in Halloween, but it's not your favorite holiday. You are more of a Fall person than specifically a Halloween person. You enjoy the new pumpkin or caramel additions to coffee shop and bakery menus and you may even put up a few decorations.
Halloween Hater

Halloween is not your jam. You dread the combination of color orange and black and hate going to grocery stores the weeks leading up to Halloween. The day is just another day to you and you are counting down the days until Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

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