What Type of Quirk Are You?


What is your relationship with grammar?

On a Saturday afternoon, how will you most likely be dressed?

What are your thoughts on comicon?

When is the last time that you listen to metal music?

How would you rather spend your evenings?

What are your thoughts on yoga and meditation?

What are your thoughts on the live action Death Note?

How do you feel about piercings and tattoos?


What are your views on travel?

What Type of Quirk Are You?

You are a nerd! While you may like anime or even attending comicons, comic books, comic book movies and video games (especially arcade style) are more of your style. You'd rather go to a new Marvel/D.C. movie premiere or stay home and play video games than attend comicon if you had to choose.

You are a super geek! You are the anime-loving, cosplay-trying, comicon-attending superhero/sailor moon that we love to call our friend. While you may also like comic books and gaming, you'd rather be searching through titles on MyAnimeList and scheming up your next cosplay (or at least admiring those who do).

You are an alternative! You are the alt-rock listening, hair-dying, band t-shirt wearing cool kid that was probably misunderstood in high school. Dr. Martens are most likely a staple in your closet, and we are sure that you used to (or still do) spend your weeks going to local shows or window shopping at Hot Topic. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but piercings and tattoos excite you.
Free Spirit

You are a free spirit! Some may call you a hippie. You are the earth-loving, yoga-doing advocate that always brings the good energy. You are willing to try out veganism and are open-minded about spirituality and sexuality. You make efforts to make your mental health a priority and realize that experiences are worth more than material things.

You are an intellectual! You are the entrepreneurial-minded bookworm that was most likely told that they "talk/act white" in high school. You find joy in reading in-depth articles online that have views that you either agree or disagree on so that you can debate your opinion in the comment sections. You probably have a mental list of books that you can't wait to read before the end of the year. Fun for you means drinking with a purpose, whether it be a good networking event or a late night "wine & grind" session. You are the person that is always trying to take your personal brand, your business or your community to the next level and therefore stay up-to-date on all things business and STEM-related.

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