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You See Live Action Sonic’s Reveal Yet? I’m Not Sure How You’ll Feel…

You See Live Action Sonic’s Reveal Yet? I’m Not Sure How You’ll Feel…

Sonic the Hedgehog 2019 movie CGI reveal

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Ever since we saw Will Smith transformed into Genie for the live action Aladdin movie (*shivers*), I’ve lost faith in anyone’s ability to make pre-3-D characters palatable in CGI form!

And well… the streak continues as we see what the CGI sonic may look like…

CGI Sonic the Hedgehog 2019 Movie

(By-the-way, someone in that CNN article I linked said Will Smith looked like one of those kids from the 90s Gushers commercials that’s now an adult and was never cured of their curse. 100% accurate.)


Sonic. Yes. Yikes.

I’ve been with him for almost an hour now. Kinda hoping I’d get more used to him like I’ve kinda gotten with Detective Pikachu but…

I dunno, y’all…

Does This Scare You?

Let us know what you think! His hands are white fur… not the gloves. You can’t do Sonic without his gloves! I’m scared that they ruined Tails (AHHH).

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But the white fur between the eyes is a creative touch!

… But the muscular, proportionate body will give me nightmares for sure.

But the fur in general and shoes are pretty fitting!

You’ve gotta let us know what you think! Are you digging the new Sonic?

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